What is a QLift and what aging areas are treated?

The QLift procedure is a short-scar facelift that is performed in the office. It’s designed to lift and support the droopy elements of the cheeks, face, and to some extent, the neck. The soft tissue of the face is lifted and repositioned into a more vertical and youthful position. The underlying tissues of the face are tightened.

What results might I expect from the QLift?

The QLift effects are immediate.The lift effect is the same as what a traditional surgical facelift procedure could achieve. During the time of your consultation, your physician will demonstrate in the mirror the relative amount of lift that the procedure will likely deliver. The QLift can also be performed at the same time with other surgeries, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), neck or chin liposuction, Botox or injectable fillers.

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Is the QLift safe?

Yes. When performed by one of our doctors with the necessary experience, the procedure is very safe. The risks and complications of the QLift are uncommon and usually correctable. Because the QLift is generally performed under local anesthesia, there are none of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

What is the QLift recovery like?

There is a risk of swelling and bruising. Pain and discomfort is minimal and most female patients can apply makeup the next day and resume quiet activities. There are some special protective measures and instructions that patients must follow for a week or two to avoid trauma that might compromise the achieved lift effect.

When can I return to work and my usual routine?

Depending upon your type of work and your tolerance for some minor bruising and swelling, you may be able to return to work within a few days following the procedure. Facial animations, mouth movements and rubbing or pressure on the face should be avoided during the first few weeks following the QLift. Most patients look good in makeup within a few days and good without makeup after approximately one week

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Are there any other treatments that may enhance or preserve my QLift effect?

We offer several non-invasive outpatient treatments that enhance or protect the QLift effect. These procedures include Botox, injectable fillers, Fraxel laser, microdermabrasion and clinical skin care products.

How long will my QLift last?

Most QLift results will be pleasing and noticeable for several years. Because the underlying structures are also tightened with permanent sutures, the QLift procedure continues to retard or prevent further droopiness for many years. However, having a QLift does not compromise your ability to have a subsequent facelift, browlift or necklift procedure.

Am I a good candidate for a QLift?

Good candidates have droopiness of the cheeks and jowls. Patients should not be too heavy or too thin, should be medically well and not be on blood thinning medication. The best candidates have realistic expectations with the desire for a quick, risk-diminished lift effect without the scars, recovery, expense or risks of surgery associated with a more traditional facelift. One of our doctors will personally confer with you to determine if the QLift, or perhaps another procedure, is suited for you.